Zeus Meister

Feb 23, 2023
Chicago, IL
My name is Zeus Meister, I am 38 years young. I moved to Los Santos from Liberty City after a horrible car accident left me bed ridden and disabled. The doctors of Liberty City said that I would never walk again!

I was an entrepreneur starting my own residential/commercial electrical installation/maintenance business right out of college. I graduated with a bachelors in Industrial Electrical Engineering. I was living high on the hog making more money than I could ever imagine. One morning while picking up my coffee at the local gas station, I inadvertently ended up being rammed through the gas stations brick wall into the station. I was hospitalized for months as I broke several bones and lost all feeling below the waist. LC doctors stated that I pinched a few nerves and slightly cut my spinal cord, whereas I would never walk again! I insisted on a second opinion.
I found a new doctor in Los Santos that agreed to try a new state of the art procedure to attempt to get me back on my feet. Stem cell injections slowly but surely helped the regeneration of cartilage and nerve endings. One fine day I woke up and could actually feel my toes again, shortly after I could move my lower extremities. A few months of physical therapy and I was back on my feet. Thank goodness!

During this nightmare, I lost my business and all that rooted me to Liberty City. I was broke and pitiful with medical bills piled high. Thats when I decided to stay here in Los Santos and start again, as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” I applied for a new job as a garbage man in LS and got hired on the spot. The job helps keep me physically active and moving, as after affects from my accident cause debilitating arthritis at times. Either way I thank goodness that I can walk.

I love Los Santos and hope to live here for a long time. My current job gets the bills paid and is not a bad gig at all. But, I really want a chance to give back. I applied to be a police officer. 👮‍♀️ I am currently waiting for my interview. I hope to get a chance to help lower crime in our beautiful city! Thank you for having me! I can’t wait to make new friends! ✌