Silent but killer

prophet khaskar

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Sep 22, 2022
Prophet life is on very dark side his all family shot down in gang war he and his brother remain alive somehow when they were small,they worked in poor and unfavorable condition at bakery for only surviving ie. For only un heigyenic food. But one night in dream his grandfather showed up and remember him as noble class hardworking men who couldn't die poor on the next day he left the job and with full of motivation he took oath to become rich he roam down the streets and get in touch with some roadside robbers which made a condition that they will gave him money if he robbed mayor mansion due to shortage of money also prophet had left his job he fas in peer pressure to persue path of dark life , he was successful in the robbery and robber gave him 10000 dollars but as soon as city police started investigating and started arresting people involve in that robbery prophet worried so much and started thinking to leave the city the money he got from robbery is used to buy aeroplane tickets to los Santos
Now he is coming to los Santos changing his name from prophet Johnson to prophet kaskar with dream in his life that he born poor that is not his fault but if he died poor that is his fault