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Mar 12, 2020
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New Player Guide
Welcome to the New Players Guide on how to properly play and get started in the Legacy Roleplay Servers.

Required Essentials Before Reading On:
Before moving on with the guide it is important to understand the following.

You need to have:
  • A working microphone.
  • Basic knowledge of what roleplay is.
  • Decided on a Character Background.
  • Answered the following questions*
  • What is:
    • VDM
    • KOS
    • RDM
    • FailRP
    • FearRP

* You can find the answer to these questions in the server rules.

Before Logging Into The Server:
Before you go ahead and get into the server it is essential to know some of the basic controls and Keybinds. Below is a list of useful keybinds that can also be found on our discord.

P = Phone
K = Inventory
/emote or /e = Animations
/trunk = Access vehicle inventory
U = See players online and player id
R = Punch/Reload
F = Enter/Exit Vehicle
E = Interact
C = Look Behind
V = Camera adjustment
L = Lock/Unlock vehicle
N = Default Push-to-talk
Y = Change Voice Range
Ctrl = Crouch
Z = Prone
1,2,3 or 4 = Weapon in/out
H = Headlights/Highbeams
E = Horn/Emergency Lights
G = Sirens control
/engine = Toggle engine
/door 1-6
/window 1-6
X = Speed Limiter
B = Seat belt

/ooc = out of character chat for technical problems.
/me = Display an action you are doing, ie /me performs cpr
/report = Report a player or situation to staff [Include player ids if possible]
/tow = tow/ untow a car (for mechanics)
Once you have covered the basics of understanding the rules and keybinds you may now go ahead and hop into one of the servers.

Logging Into The Server:
Logging into the Legacy Server you will see 4 empty character slots. Press one and then click play. This will prompt the creation of a new character and from this point, you start your new life.

You will then be prompted with the character detail menu where you will get to choose your character name, sex, D.O.B., and Character backstory. Choose wisely you will only be able to choose this once.

When your character backstory is finally done, it’s now time to enter the city and start building your character.

Character Appearance:
Upon entering the city you will be prompted with a menu to change the look of your character to your liking. There are 2 important things you need to keep in mind while creating your character.

  • If you decide to select a non-playable character (Anything other then multiplayer models, aka NPC) as your main character you will have a limited wardrobe and will not be able to put on a mask or any other accessories.
  • If for whatever reason something happens and you have to change your appearance later in time you can always ask a staff member by doing for example “ /report Can I have a reskin please?”.

Press “G” when done to save your character.

If at any point you would like to change your clothing you can visit a clothing store to do so.

Now that you are ready to start your adventure there are a few things you will need to get started.

Getting Started:
When you finish your character you will notice that you spawn at the airport and that you will need to make your way into the city. At this point you have 3 options.

  • Walk (No risk, Slow)
  • Get a friend to pick you up(No/Low risk, Fast)
  • Hotwire a vehicle (High Risk, Fast): without a lockpick, it is normal to fail a few hotwires. Be patient and don’t get caught as you could end up in jail on your first day.

Now that you have managed to make your way into the city you will want to acquire a few items.

Stores and supplies:
When reaching the city you will want to locate a convenience store to obtain a few important supplies.

When you arrive at the convenience store you will be prompted with a menu option to purchase goods. I suggest acquiring a phone, a few sandwiches, water bottles, and some first aid kits as a starter kit.

If you end up needing more cash you can take some out of your bank at any ATM.(“/cash” to view your cash and “/bank” to view your bank).

inventory - Copy (1).png

Now that you have a phone, you will need to learn a few things before you can go ahead and use it.

Cellular Device:
Your phone is one of the most useful things in the Legacy server. You can contact emergency services, access twitter, call your friends, and a few other features. To access the phone you will want to press “P”. Here is a basic description of a few apps.


Twitter: Your basic news/community feed where people can post public messages.
Phone: Can be used to contact emergency services in the favorites tab and call others.
Messages: Can be used to text numbers and send your GPS coordinates.
Contacts: Used to save phone numbers.
Settings: View your phone number and change a few parameters.

A few other apps can be found in the tab menu below the settings app but are not used as often.

Twitter Login:

Settings app:

You have almost all the supplies you will need to start your adventure. Let’s make sure you have everything you should have.

ID Card:
The ID card is extremely important as well to make sure you do not get in trouble with the law. The ID card will count as your driver’s license your firearm license and your personal identifier. It can be acquired at the courthouse located near the pillbox hospital.
You can view and show your ID by pressing “K” and dragging the ID icon to the use button. (This is how you use most of the items in your inventory.)

ID (1).png

To Use Items, click and drag to use or press one of your hotkeys of 1-5:

Now that you have all your supplies it’s now time to get a job and acquire some money so you can buy your own car and apartment.

Getting a Job:

To get your first job you will need to make your way to the Life Invader building. You will have a few jobs you can choose from. Some of them will pay better than others. Check out the Basic Job Guide for help with any of the jobs.

Some jobs will not be available for you to get at Life Invader and will require you to apply to them through the Legacy Website in the forms section.

Jobs - Copy (2) (1) (2).jpg

- Written by Cruxer -
- Edited & Updated by Shelbs -
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