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Mar 13, 2020
NOTICE: This document is meant to outline the gang system that brings higher quality role play to Legacy. This system is subject to changes, so check regularly.

Gang system

Being a gang at LegacyRP requires good roleplay and understanding of the criminal underworld. To become a gang you need to apply and if accepted you will be granted access and abilities different from regular criminals. This is to further enhance and improve roleplay interactions as a criminal.

At LegacyRP there is not a defined gang type and everyone is free to roleplay with their own story, origin and approach, within the scope of what is acceptable in regards to rules and guidelines. To better outline the definitions of a gang there is a tier system used to define gangs. The abilities and possible roleplay routes increase as you move up in tiers. If your application was to be accepted you would start at the bottom tier (tier 0). All the current tiers are listed and defined below:

Gang rules

Being an official group also means you need to adhere to an extra set of rules.

(5.1) Gang activity is limited to 6 members, however, this can be changed through the gang war agreement. This change allows you to exceed the limit of 6 members when engaging with another group. Rule 4.4 is still in effect.

(5.2) As previously mentioned, the alliances are meant to be strictly economic and does not allow for a defensive pact.

(5.3) Whitelisted gang clothing should only be worn by members of the respective group it belongs to.

(5.4) When engaging in a gang war and the police show up your primary focus should be disengaging and escaping. To reiterate, 4.3 is still in effect and only allows 6 members in total to engage in criminal activities against other parties, such as the cops.

(5.5) You are not allowed to be a member of more than one gang on any given character.

Probationary Gangs and Fully Whitelisted Gangs

Newly approved gangs will be considered 'Probationary gangs'. They will remain in their probationary period for a minimum of 1 week, and a maximum of 3 weeks, after which they will be required to submit a full whitelist request to their group managers via their respective gang chat, explaining the reasons as to why they wish to continue into a fully whitelisted gang.
If your request to proceed into a fully whitelisted gang is denied, your gangs whitelist will be removed and group will be disbanded. There is then a 30 day waiting period before you can apply.

Description/Perks:Requirements to advance:

Group has been accepted to Probationary status.
  • Allowed 10 members.
  1. Minimum 7 days of active roleplay.
  2. Maximum of 21 days of active roleplay.
  3. No gang strikes within the probationary period.
  4. Review and approval from Group Managers.
  5. All members being added to the roster must have 24 hours playtime in the server.
Group has established itself as a gang and provides good roleplay (fully whitelisted gang).
  • Allowed 20 members

Strike System:
  • Gang strikes are issued if 3 or more members of a group are deemed breaking one or more of the community rules and guidelines.
  • Once you receive a strike, it will only fall off if said individuals who got the gang the strike, are removed from the gang, if they are brought back the strike is re-applied.
  • Gathering multiple strikes at one time will result in the immediate disbandment of the group.
  • Gangs can obtain a maximum of 3 strikes before being placed back into the strike probationary period.
  • The strike probationary period will be determined by the Group Managers to which you will be notified after the period is over.
  • During the strike probationary period, the gang is NOT allowed to add new members.
  • If a gang receives a strike during the strike probationary period, the group will be immediately disbanded.

Whitelisted Activities

- Cocaine Importations
- Oxy Runs
- Gun Running

Any whitelisted gang member is permitted to run and control processes BUT is limited to controlling one process at a time.

Eg. A gang can run and control the cocaine process but can not control the gun computer as well.

Gang Wars

As a group you are able to engage in gang wars against other groups. This can be for a multitude of reasons. We invite gang wars; however there needs to be a structure and agreements set in place to allow for a smooth and streamlined gang war. There are rules following gang wars:
  • Now there is no official war terms, gang leaders are required to notify Group Managers of when a war has officially started (agreed by both gangs IC) and when it ends so we can keep track of the cooldown after the war (3 week cooldown).


We encourage cooperation and engagements between different groups. However, an alliance system should not be implemented to form a supergroup.
  • You are allowed to create an economic alliance, but not a defensive pact. This is to allow a fair and competitive criminal environment where even new groups have a chance to challenge established gangs if given enough time and preparation.
  • You are not allowed to ‘buddy up’ with members of different gangs to fight against one particular gang, all parties must be from the same group when in a war.

The Rumpo and the Hermes are all blacklisted vehicles. You may only purchase and use one if you are in a whitelisted gang, and you may only have 2 out in total at a time.


  • When participating in any criminal activity with your group, you are allowed to be a maximum of 6 people (minus war agreements).
  • When participating in any criminal activity involving a member from a different gang, you are allowed to be a maximum of 6 people.
  • When participating in a Prison Transport, the maximum number of people allowed to be involved is 6 (any WL gang member can participate but must remain 6). The person being broken out of the transport does not count towards the number and should not engage in any sort of criminal activity. Their main goal is to flee.

Gang hopping and rosters
  • Gang hopping is no longer allowed. You are now limited to a 5 day cooldown when leaving any gang and joining another or the same one, regardless of the way you left your previous gang (yes including patchovers- you can be a hang around but non rostered).
  • In regards to this aswell, anybody added to a roster 7 days pre-war will not be allowed to participate in the war for up to 3 days.
  • Nobody will be removed from any roster until the gang leader has requested for them to be. This is for us to ensure that you leaving the gang has been roleplayed out properly and you're not doing it out of spite or to avoid roleplay with said gang. Anyone who does this (sneakily, by leaving the discord and joining back) will be punished.


Whitelisted Group - At least 5 people in a rostered gang/group which is approved through a whitelist app on the forums.

Member - A member is defined as an individual listed on the official gang roster managed by the Group Managers. Members can include hang-arounds, prospects, associates, etc.

Turf - A place in which one group may own a process which they are allowed to “physically hold down” to ensure no one else runs their process.

Whitelisted Processes - Processes that are listed on the gang rules under “Whitelisted Activities” which only gang members on a whitelisted roster may do.

Gang war - A conflict between two groups, usually an armed conflict, where a dispute exists and is actively trying to be settled, either by force or negotiation. Solely between 2 gangs.

Alliance - An economic alliance between gangs, not a defensive pact.

Gang strike - 3 or more people in a group have been in a situation where a server rule was broken.

Whitelisted gang clothing - Any article of clothing that would reasonably not be obtainable unless a part of said group. This includes but is not limited to custom shirts, vests, pants, liveries and similar.
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